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Global2FGV Transformation

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Original idea by SteveChandler

Now available for beta testing.

Developed in 7.1, should run in any newer version.

License: BSD, © Felix Schubert

Dependencies: OpenG, included with suffix


Unzip attachement

Start Globals2FGV.llb and run it

Select Global Variable VI -> Demo/Demo Global.vi

Select Top-Level VI -> Demo/Demo VI Using Global.vi

Select FGV Target Folder -> Demo

Open Demo/Demo SubVI using global.vi and Demo/Demo VI Using Global.vi

Press the transform button

Take a look at the VIs mentioned above and inside the FGV Target Folder

Customization: Change the VIs in the templates folder.

Known issues:

* Some references are not closed

* Errors when closing invalid references in shutdown can be surpressed

* The placement/rewireing doesn't support the smaller footprint of newer LV versions

* The FGV target folder isn't validated

* The transformed VIs are not saved and not presented to the user


* Use wrappers for Get/Set

* Display locations of global references

Your feedback and bug-reports are welcome.



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"An error occured loading VI 'Demo VI Using Globals.vi'. LabVIEW error code 6: Could not load bloack diagram." - LabVIEW 2010.

Thanks, I have a NI CAR for this behaviour. You can select Demo SubVI using Global.vi as Top-Level VI instead. All you miss is to see that it's recursing through SubVIs as well.


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