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Is background priority in VI Properties ignored?

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I ran across this page which basically states that when setting a VI to background priority (lowest) it is deferred to running in normal priority:


It states this as "known behaviour"? I must say I didn't know that, especially not since several other pages recommending priority level setup explains about background priority without mentioning this "fact". For instance;



Does any of you know for a fact that setting a VI to background priority have the same effect as setting it to normal priority? On all targets including Real-Time?



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I'm confused (not unusual). The above article states, "It is known behavior that this setting coerces the priority to normal priority. It is not possible to set a VI priority to anything lower than normal priority from within the VI Properties Window."

So why does the option even exist??

I occassionally used background priority a long time ago when CPUs weren't quite so fast. Was it all just smoke and mirrors or is this a recent "feature"?

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