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Incremental count on button press


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Hi everyone, I have a problem I can't solve. I have a program where I am writing values to a table, and automatically generating the names for each row of data. I want to generate a new row of data each time I press the "add data" button, and the row number will be generated by an incremental variable that keeps track of how many times the switch has been pressed. I will also use the variable to index the array.

My problem is, I can't find a way to make numeric variables in labview. I found this, and it looks like what I want to do, but I cannot make the double variable type. I can only make constants, numeric indicators and controls. Does anyone know how to make one, and where to find it in the palete?


When I delete a row of data, I will need to subtract from the array index number while keeping the data number incremented.



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Variables are not quite the same concept in LabVIEW as they are in other languages. Read up on the concept of data flow. There's boatloads of other helpful information on that wiki as well.

You should post what you have so far in your VI (just attach it to your post) and we'll give you some feedback.

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