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  1. You need to disable the 'Lock Panel (Defer Processing of UI) until event completes' option for the event case. What's happening is that the event structure is locking the UI thread until all code inside of the case completes. In your case you've got another UI coming up which you need to interact with for the case structure to complete. A bit of a catch 22. It might feel wrong that it's happening to you, but there are a variety of good cases that that feature exists and behaves as it does. More commonly, for what you're trying to accomplish, people will make action loops
  2. Q, I'm excited to see the rebirth of this I just got my login, validated my account, but I am unable to create new pages. I'm using the recommended methods to no avail I've logged out and back in, but no dice. Any thoughts?
  3. Can you clarify a little or throw up an example. Do you mean you want the .vim to be a member of the class or used inside a public VI in the class? I presume you mean the former. What happens if you use private accessors in that VI instead of calling the unbundle directly?
  4. All, Thanks for chiming in. I actually hadn't heard of the promise of TS Lite and will be sure to bug the powers that be about it. All in all, most things here resonate with the themes I've heard before and am glad to have ammo in hand to go to the conversation with, as it's gotten delayed; so feel free to keep chiming in. If I had to sum up the big points Cost: LV exe is free cheapest TS deployment gets 500+ Simplicity: Simple enough needs that can get away without the extra features in TS Parallelization: not easy to implement or visualize parallel tasks
  5. This is a terrific little piece of code! Thanks for working it up. Have you thought of possibly making it filterable based upon what color it's going against? The reason being is that I see this as a great addition to the current coloring for plots and default color sets, especially when you change the background from light to dark, or vice versa. See plot 12 for example
  6. I know many people never go the route of using TestStand, choosing to roll their own sequencer and make it work (as I did once upon a time) However I'm starting to hear from a few folks who adopted TestStand and are going back to try to make their own sequencers (as I hope to never do) So, I shook the corporate tree some and have a meeting tomorrow for which I'm representing y'all, based on what I was hearing at NIWeek That being said, if any have gone the route of TS only to turn back, and you'd like your voice shared inside the guts of the mothership, please do share here. FWIW, I
  7. BBQ Photos Courtesy of RightBalancePhotoG available at RBPG, FB and LAVAg.org https://rightbalancephotog.smugmug.com/LAVA-BBQ-2018/ Facebook Album
  8. BBQ Photos Courtesy of RightBalancePhotoG available at RBPG, FB and LAVAg.org https://rightbalancephotog.smugmug.com/LAVA-BBQ-2018/
  9. You might want to investigate REx - Remote Export Framework for LV built EXE https://lavag.org/topic/17024-rex-remote-export-framework-and-remote-events/ Although it can't give you a direct button click, it does the next best (possibly better) thing, giving you the ability to call a method externally that fires a LV event internal to the EXE. Good luck, ~,~ The Captain
  10. Did you see the recently posted JSON adapter that was posted in the Code Repository? Looks very interesting for sure.
  11. <for future reference> You might be speaking of RFmx for doing RF measurements on our VSA products. This 'Measurement Driver' makes short order out of taking common RF measurements, generic and standards based alike. It does not have a personality specific to doing EMC testing or EMC specific measurements. There is likely a good deal of overlap between the ESU40 measurements and what we can accomplish with RFmx, however I can imagine that the ESU40 has a lot of EMC usability features that you won't find in RFmx. Another item that might be of interest is investiga
  12. In order to better answer the question, having some knowledge of exactly which VI (blocks) you wish to put your data into would be helpful. However to emulate what I believe you're trying to accomplish see below.think you're looking for Now as far as measurements that you specifically need, you should start to explore the measurements built into LabVIEW. This image is just the top of the iceberg. Good luck and welcome back to the LabVIEW world. Thanks for coming to the community to find your way Best, Norm Kirchner ~,~ The Captain was here
  13. Would you mind back porting to 2015? Thanks, ~,~
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