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LabVIEW crashes/disappears when trying to open a vi

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Hello there,

I'm running LV2010 SP1 and I have a file which seems to have become corrupted - whenever I try and open the file LabVIEW just shuts down with no warning or message, it just disappears.

My backup/svn file is a couple of days out of date so I was just wondering if there are any known ways of trying to repair a file before I have to start redoing my work.



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I you use the "separate compiled code from source" option, clearing the object cache may help. It is in some where in "my documents/LabVIEW data/". If the VI uses any ctl files, I would check them first. I have found that corruptions in type-defs to occur way too often. We now use 2010 SP1, while being a little more stable, we still see this kind of crash often.

Good luck

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Thank you both for the advice, it was just the one file and I ended up redoing the changes from the old version.

I haven't used the "separate compiled code from source" option yet although I will take a look at it.

Thank you,


If you have the old file that was causing the crash, please please please make sure you contact NI support and provide them with the file so that we can track down the problem.

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