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LV App crashing on close of TCP connection

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Hi all,

I have a system which comprises essentially two PCs. One (the server) runs a labview app which controls a set of hardware and daq etc. The other communicates with the first over a TCP/IP connection (using the labview STM package vi from ni) to control the other and then process the data.

With both PCs running from code (i.e. within labview) I have few problems. For the most part it works very well.

When I run the server side from a built exe though I have issues. The first run of the application on the server runs fine. I can connect to it from the client PC and I can control it and get data, all with no issues. However, if I disconnect the client (either by hitting the big red abort button in the ide or through a proper closedown and release of the TCP/IP connection, the server registers the disconnect fine, but if I then try to reconnect, I get a windows error (see errors 1 and 2 in the attachments) saying that lvrt.dll has crashed.

It doesn't "always" happen, but I can't find anything in particular that causes this. I've double checked the error handling that results from a closedown of the client, but can see nothing wrong when running from the source.

The whole application was written on lv 8.6.1 and it doesn't seem to matter if the server is running on XP or windows 7.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm stuck here and have a deadline approaching!

Thanks in advance!

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