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Rule Engine / Rete algorithm in LabVIEW

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I wonder if there is already an implementation of a rule based engine like Drools with some backward chaning based on the Rete algorithm in LabVIEW.

I find the state machine to be hard to managed once you have more than 50 states and a rule based state machine could work like magic with its rule checking and backward chaning that makes it easy to add a new rule and track what happened when and why.

I started writing a tool of my own and once it got complicated I checked out the if/then block from the fuzzylogic toolbox however it will take me at least a month to come out with a basic good implementation.

BTW, I'm working with G# and since it makes LabVIEW and Java more alike I started wondering if I can integrate Java tools like Drools or UniCase from Eclipse into LabVIEW by building an Eclipse plugin for LabVIEW for example :)

Thanks in advance,


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