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Programmatically make horizontal cursor track the trace.

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I have graphs of (X,Y) cordinates (5, 0.19), (10, 0.38) & (20,0.78) respectively. In my VI labeled AA, the horizontal cursor tracks perfectly from 5 to 10 and not so well from 10 to 20. This is just as one would expect, since the slope from 10 to 20 has changed slightly. In vi labeled AB, I have made the code calculate the new slope and would expect correct tracking from 10 to 20. I was only able to achieve tracking by including a 0.4848 offset and even then it is not exact. A 0.38 offset might be understandable, but at present I cannot explain the error. I wish to understand this so that I can increase the complexity of my graphs and then experiment with "in range and co-erce". Any guidance would be much appreciated.

graph 3 points AA.vi

graph 3 points AB.vi

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That is a fair question Ravi. I wish view to the Y value at various values of X. Before my attempt to control the horizontal cursor, I could simply type my X value into the cursor legend and the the vertical cursor would snap to that value (e.g. 14.4). I would then have to drag the horizontal cursor to the intersection of the trace and the vertical cursor. If I choose "snap to plot" from cursor properties, both cursors will only snap to values I have put into an array.

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