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  1. Thanks for your effort in replying. My problem is solved.
  2. The attached VI works, but I feel there must be a smarter method of achieving the same result using the event structure. Also I have read that it is good to minimise local variables and property nodes. Guidance is appreciated. Crude on-off event.vi
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. drdjpowell, is my attachment correct? Reason I ask is it seems the tunnel went to "use default if unwired" automatically and I did not have to select it but usually I do. Learn about timeout..vi
  4. I saw a clever and fairly simple piece of code this morning, where code to update a graph was written in the timeout case of an event structure. (It ran on LV7.0 and drats!!! I failed to save it). The timeout case was wired to timeout after 100 milliseconds. My question is, would not code such as I just described, defeat the whole point of using an event structure, since the while loop outside the event structure was running most of the time? Am I missing something?
  5. Ok. I am trying to learn from https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-13297 and download the multiple data types queue variant.vi. I am sure the up-loader posted the SubVI's. I am just at loss how to access them.
  6. Further to my post above, if I click on "browse" or just wait, another window pops up titled "look in" which defaults to where I have all other VI's stored. I assume I should be looking for a temporary file or folder. Not sure I would know what to do if I could find it.
  7. I am having difficulty downloading example VI's which contain sub-vi's. I have always been able to acquire the main VI but all sub-vi's are missing. During the process, I get a pop-up window with "Loading ...." "Searching ......" an ignore button, a browse button and a stop button. I have always had this problem, but my need to resolve it has finally gotten greater than my embarrassment.
  8. I thought I was pretty clever in overcoming the "wire is a member of a cycle" error. I had the desired continued count with sucessive presses of the run and stop buttons. Please see attached VI. Trouble is, after building in strings and arrays to try to make it into something useful, (see second attachment) the count is skipped occasionally. I assumed I had a timing error so I played with "wait until next mS multiple" without success. I also put a condtional loop on the stop button with "wait X mS" and experimented by varying X. To date, my problem persists. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. continued count A.vi Log File misses a count .vi
  9. Thanks Guys. I guess I am weaning off the labview "milk" and tasting some meat.
  10. Thanks DRJDPOWELL for posting the notifier example. How would I correctly stop this VI? I tried adding a "stop" event case and I think only the producer loop stopped. I also tried adding a "release notifier" outside the same while loop, resulting in an error 1.
  11. Thanks for digging deeper for me Ravi. Unfortunately I cannot view the changes, as I only have version 7.0
  12. That is a fair question Ravi. I wish view to the Y value at various values of X. Before my attempt to control the horizontal cursor, I could simply type my X value into the cursor legend and the the vertical cursor would snap to that value (e.g. 14.4). I would then have to drag the horizontal cursor to the intersection of the trace and the vertical cursor. If I choose "snap to plot" from cursor properties, both cursors will only snap to values I have put into an array.
  13. I have graphs of (X,Y) cordinates (5, 0.19), (10, 0.38) & (20,0.78) respectively. In my VI labeled AA, the horizontal cursor tracks perfectly from 5 to 10 and not so well from 10 to 20. This is just as one would expect, since the slope from 10 to 20 has changed slightly. In vi labeled AB, I have made the code calculate the new slope and would expect correct tracking from 10 to 20. I was only able to achieve tracking by including a 0.4848 offset and even then it is not exact. A 0.38 offset might be understandable, but at present I cannot explain the error. I wish to understand this so that I can increase the complexity of my graphs and then experiment with "in range and co-erce". Any guidance would be much appreciated. graph 3 points AA.vi graph 3 points AB.vi
  14. Sorry Ton. I don't understand what my "square block function" is.
  15. Thanks Ton, My intention is to have the string flash after a certain button is pressed. The user then inputs new data into the string and essentially presses an "enter" button which will stop the flashing.
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