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8B/10B encoding in LabVIEW


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I started the implementation of 8B/10B encoding in LabVIEW (decoding will be done later)

with a simple LUT but - when I reached special cases like D.x.P7 and D.x.A7 -

I wondered if someone already did this before (and wants to share his/her experience).


I searched for examples but found none that were easy to convert to labview or

were easy to call from inside LabVIEW.

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This post is almost 6 years old, but I am doing the exact same thing.  I've got the encoding algorithms written for LV FPGA and I ignored the special cases of D.x.P7 and D.x.A7, following what Xilinx and other companies have done.  I'm wondering if anyone has experience with 8b10b encoding and especially DECODING. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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