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Shell: Labview -launch option


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I SSH into other linux machines. Machine1, 2, and 3. I start Labview from a shell script on each machine. Note that all displays are returned to my machine.

I then try to start a new Labview session on machine1 that will talk to machine 1 Labview.

From shell script on machine 1: /usr/local/bin/Labview –launch /EGSE/eTSO/GenericTestSet/ConfigMgr/public/ETSO_Stop.vi

Issue: the -launch option attaches to the last Labview displayed on my machine (machine 3). This results in machine 3 stopping Labview and not machine 1 Labview.

How do I connect to the Labview session already running on machine 1 from machine 1 SSH, but the display is on my machine?

Can I start another Labview session on machine 1 and talk to the other Labview session on machine1?

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The communication for -launch goes through the X server and uses string names so if there is another LabVIEW process running on the same X server the message will go to it regardless of which machine it was run from. That's just a result of how we communicate with our already running process.

If you just want to send messages to an already running application then you can use some other method of inter-process communication like named pipes or TCP. This is probably what LabVIEW should have done as well, but alas that's not how we implemented it.

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