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Merging with Mercurial

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Has anyone using Mecurial been able to get merging working with Labview 2011? If so could you please walk me through how you did it? I've been trying to switch from SVN to Mercurial and getting merging working is my last hurdle.

I've installed LVMergeHG and I have it specified as the tool to use for 3-way merging in the Hg global settings. When I open the TortoiseHg Workbench window I can see that I have a branch that I want to merge back into the main trunk. If I select the 'Diff to local..." option, LVDiff runs and I can see the to VI's I want to merge together. If I select the 'Merge with local" option I get a popup window, Prepare to merge, that shows info on the two VI's I want to merge. When I continue by clicking the 'Next' button I get the following:

% hg --repository C:\Documents and Settings\D\Desktop\ZZ merge --verbose --tool=internal:fail 6

resolving manifests

0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 1 files unresolved

use 'hg resolve' to retry unresolved file merges or 'hg update -C .' to abandon

[command returned code 1 Mon Apr 09 16:33:47 2012]

I can't see anything that looks like LVMerge is trying to run. I'm sure I'm probably doing some wrong or don't have something setup correctly. Any ideas?

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Make sure you have the correct settings in your configuration files (global:mercurial.ini or local:.hg\hgrc):


LVMerge.args = $base $other $local $output

LVMerge.executable = C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Merge\LVMerge.exe

LVMerge.gui = True

LVMerge.binary = True


**.vi = LVMerge

**.ctl = LVMerge

**.lvclass = LVMerge

**.xctl = LVMerge

**.lvlib = LVMerge

(for some reason I missed the dash in merge-tools)

Perform the following steps:

  • Right click on one of the branches, select 'merge with local'
  • Hit 'Next' in the Prepare to Merge dialog
  • In the next dialog a note is shown '1 files were modified in both branches and must be resolved', click on the underlined resolved
  • The Resolve conflicts dialog pops up.
  • In the bottom theres a dropdown menu named 'Detected/merge diff tools', select LVMerge.
  • Highlight the conflicting file in the Unresolved items list
  • Use the Tool Resolve button
  • This will launch LVMerge, which will launch the LabVIEW resolve utilities.

I'll post a HowTo on the LabVIEW Wiki Merge with TortoiseHG page.


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