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Programatically specify automation refnum input?

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I think this is possible through scripting? I feel like someone was trying this on the forum not too long ago. However, the type itself needs to be a constant on the BD at run-time, so if the scripting solution doesn't work, you're hosed.

Can you describe the problem you're having better? Go for the cause, not the symptoms. ;)

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By "no longer valid," you mean all the nodes disassociate with the library? I've seen some re-linking issues when bouncing between versions of Excel. Do you possibly have different versions of the ActiveX control installed that could be swapping around?

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I guess you could say it disassociates with the library. I get an error when I run the VI that has to do with the library. When I relink it everything is fine. There is another copy of the dll in another directory, but I don't see how it could jump over there and use that one. I registered the dll, but it only works when I browse to the directory where the dll is and use that instead of picking the from the Type Library drop down list. I'm not real impressed with this company's dll in other regards, so I not suprised it's giving me fits like this.


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