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  1. Oh and don't forget about aligning the front panel so that the little bullseye of the alignment grid is in the exact upper left corner. George
  2. I ran the Profile Performance and Memory on my VI and the reported average amount of time consumed in the subVIs in a loop doesn't match what I get by subtracting the tick times at the start and end of the loop. They disagree by at least 20ms. I'm trying to find where the extra time is consumed in the loop, but I'm not sure where to look because the profile isn't pointing out any major time hogs. I'd appreciate any thougts about what I could be missing. George
  3. Try Feedreader. I think it meets all of your criteria. I've been using it for years and like it better than any of the others that I tried. http://www.feedreader.com/?fromfr
  4. I think you're making it too hard. First off your loop is executing every 100 ms. I think you want it to execute every second. Second, I'm not sure why you're updating t0 every time. Normally you would set t0 once at the start and then just update the y array. If you set your loop time to 1 sec, then also set dt to 1 sec and all will be as it should be. George
  5. I've seen happen too when I change something in the middle of an enum, but it's fine if I make an addition at the end. George
  6. I'm trying to store time stamp data in a configuration file, but am not having much luck. I noticed there is a time stamp data type, but can't figure out how to store it directly in the ini file. As a backup I tried converting the timestamp to a double first, but I keep losing digits that way. It won't store the full precision in the ini file. Any ideas? Thanks, George
  7. I never thought much about notifiers and didn't see much use for them, but my situation seems like it might be a perfect fit. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I am using the lossy enque element (figured that out the hard way a while ago) and it does work. I'm just wondering if that's the "right" way to do it. I suppose it probably is since there is a VI that purposely discards data to make room for new data.
  9. I'm sending data via a queue to my main VI in which I only care about the latest data. Currently I have the queue setup for a max size of 1 so sometimes I get an overflow in the transmitting VI. I'm wondering if this is a reasonable way to setup the queue. Or is it better to make the queue size bigger so the queue doesn't overflow and read all the data in the queue in my main VI and only use the last element? George
  10. I have an array that contains NaN values. I wrote a routine to remove a single NaN and replace it with the average of the next and previous points. The problem is what to do when there are multiple NaN values together. Has anyone written a routine to deal with that? Thanks, George Never mind. I always forget how good Google is at finding these answers. Much easier than searching within a particular forum. FYI here's the answer: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-5504 George
  11. No I don't manipulate the panel size programatically. No I don't have the "maintain proportions.." turned on. The window comes up fine when the exe is started. Then it suddenly resizes to the smaller size while it is executing. I have all the same settings and run all the same setup code in this VI that I have in other VIs and haven't had any trouble until now.
  12. My sytem is Win7 and LV 2011. When running an executable that I created sometimes the VI window resizes itself from 1144x738 to what I think is 800x600. I haven't been able to link the resizing to anything yet. I've never seen anything like this before. Any ideas what's going on? George
  13. If you reorder the elements in the cluster you could lose the values. At least that's been my experience. George
  14. I guess you could say it disassociates with the library. I get an error when I run the VI that has to do with the library. When I relink it everything is fine. There is another copy of the dll in another directory, but I don't see how it could jump over there and use that one. I registered the dll, but it only works when I browse to the directory where the dll is and use that instead of picking the from the Type Library drop down list. I'm not real impressed with this company's dll in other regards, so I not suprised it's giving me fits like this. George
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