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Rang info on a cFP-2000 controller

Christian Kjeld

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I have an application running on a cFP-2000 controller (NODE). The NODE program is communicating with the LOG server on at PC, also a LabVIEW program. The LOG server is running as a Windows service and therefore a third application, Channel setup program is used to control the LOG server in edit mode. In edit mode the user can change the channels names and channel count on the NODE. It is done by editing the FPBANK.INI from Channel setup program through the application running on the cFP-2000 controller. As the application is working right now the user can change the channel names and the number of channels from the Channel setup program, by editing the FPBANK.INI.

My question is: dos any one now where the information for data range is stored on the controller. Because it is not present in the FPBANK.INI it only contains Channel names, Type (input, output, switch and LED) and Input mask (hex code for the physical location on the input board). An example, on at AI-100 module you can choose the range for a specific input

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