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  1. Is it possible to acces parent reference data in child class? I am trying to implement somthing that looks like this: NI-845x.pdf The SPI class initialize's the SPI script reference that I then want to use in the childe class (S25FL016A). By doing it this way I only have to inplement the "RUN" and "Configuration" method it in the SPI class. And not in all the child classes under SPI. I have tried: to use a data member accesor but it is ugly code because I have to pass the reference from the parrent class in to the childe for making it work. make LV2 global to holde
  2. I need a model that is specific for a automatic test equipment. It contains of a roundtable with 2 positions, position 1 DUT, positions 2 New DUT / DUT that has just been tested. The roundtable has a two hand start button. When the user presses them, the roundtable turns the new DUT in to the test equipment. The roundtable gives a ready signal to the test PC signaling that TestStand can start the test. Now TestStand has to auto generate a S/N from a database from a certain criteria that I won't write of here. The auto generating dialog should also have a button where the user can stop the test
  3. Hi Daniel I've had the same problem in an earlier application. I was using queues to communicate between the to applications. I've solved the problem by using TCP/IP and made the TCP as an extension to the queued messages. The shared globals was made as functional globals, and in the write case i've implemented a TCP/IP send to the same global in the other application. In the start up sequence of the 2 applications i synchronize them if the other application was running. The reason way it not is possible to share the data between to sperate executables, is that windows sperate the memory eve
  4. Hi I am not sure I have understanded the question correct. :question: But I am using this little VI in many of my programs, so maybe it can help you. Best regards Christian Download File:post-288-1105534812.vi
  5. The answer to my own question is. The Range is stored in a separate file witch only the input modules can see. To change the setting from LabVIEW use on of the 3 VI
  6. I have an application running on a cFP-2000 controller (NODE). The NODE program is communicating with the LOG server on at PC, also a LabVIEW program. The LOG server is running as a Windows service and therefore a third application, Channel setup program is used to control the LOG server in edit mode. In edit mode the user can change the channels names and channel count on the NODE. It is done by editing the FPBANK.INI from Channel setup program through the application running on the cFP-2000 controller. As the application is working right now the user can change the channel names and the numb
  7. Hi Michael Thanks for your help, now I am on track again. Best regards Christian Kjeld
  8. I am using LabVIEW 7.0 and I have a problem with how to dial up on a VPN connection. In Windows 2000 you can make several dial-up connections that I manually can connect to. These connections have a username/password and are using a modem to connect to the site server. I would like to control these dial-up connections, either directly or indirectly from my data server program, programmed in LabVIEW 7.0. Is there someone who has any experience in have to do this?
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