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defining colored area on a graph

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Dear All! I need your help for something that I believe is not too much complicated but I couldn't find any work around.

I need to display a graph and there are three regions that I would like to underline using a different background color, like the horizontal limit area shown in this

but vertical!

Do you have any advice?

Thanks for your help.


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First of all thanks a lot! I didn't get any notification about your reply, that's why I'm coming so late to thanks you!

Your solution is almost working perfectly, my last point is that this colored boxes are static, while I would like to have them linked to the value of the x axis. Say that the first box should go from x=0 and x=1 and so on. I've tried with the "Map XY to coords" but it looks like that the returned coords are in a different frame of reference respect to the height and width.

Do you have any further advice? thanks a lot again!

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