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  1. I think that what was missing was a simple reboot. I've rebooted the PC after the installation and checked the services. All where running and the issue is solved for the moment. The virtual machine is a perfect solution. I'll keep that in mind for the future... thanks toto
  2. Thanks mje, first of all I have understood that starting from LV 2012 the NI Service Locator is within the NI System Web Server that is a bit confusing because in my mind a web server is doing something different from what the Service Locator is supposed to do. http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/36C0C11A2BF89AF8862577A70049F17B Anyway, after adding the NI System Web Server to the installer, it was not yet working because the service was not active. Once manually activated, the problem seems to be solved. I'll need to try on a third pc to verify if the issue is still there or not. Thanks again toto
  3. Dear LabVIEW friends, I'm running into a problem distribution my application. This is opening a UDP connection registering a service as explained in the documentation. It is perfectly working when running within the development system and also as a standalone application on the development computer. The problem is with the installer and the distribution package. When I install the application of a different computer, it fails with error 63 at the Open UDP. Reading the available documentation it looks like it is a Service Locator fault. So I checked and indeed the NI Service Locator is not running on that machine and it is not even distributed with the installer. I've tried to go through the list of additional installers in the Installer build properties but couldn't find anything useful. I'm sure I'm doing badly something wrong, can you help me in sorting this out? Cheers, toto
  4. yes, it's true the two are in different frame of reference... but thanks god my physics degree wasn't completely useless in the end and I make it! In the attached VI you just need to provide the two abscissa values (left and right) where you want to have the background color. Thanks mgunning for your input! Area On Plots.vi
  5. First of all thanks a lot! I didn't get any notification about your reply, that's why I'm coming so late to thanks you! Your solution is almost working perfectly, my last point is that this colored boxes are static, while I would like to have them linked to the value of the x axis. Say that the first box should go from x=0 and x=1 and so on. I've tried with the "Map XY to coords" but it looks like that the returned coords are in a different frame of reference respect to the height and width. Do you have any further advice? thanks a lot again!
  6. Dear All! I need your help for something that I believe is not too much complicated but I couldn't find any work around. I need to display a graph and there are three regions that I would like to underline using a different background color, like the horizontal limit area shown in this but vertical! Do you have any advice? Thanks for your help. toto
  7. is it possible to have a version saved as LabVIEW 2010? thanks!
  8. Thanks asbo! Exactly, I meant the result of the executable built. When I launch the Task Manager I can only select the "Default Application Instance". Is there a way to add the Run Time Engine as well? I know I maybe asking stupid question, so is there any tutorial to better understand this topic? Thanks again,
  9. Dear all! It's my first post here, so first of all, thanks everybody for this nice community. I'm trying to do something that is identical to what Ravi did almost one year ago, so I will probably reuse as much as possible from his code. What I don't understand is: why the LV Task Manager doens't list compiled VIs? My final project will be made by a few deamons, all of those possibly compiled and I would like to see a list of all the running ones using the task manager. Is it something doable? thanks for any help! cheers,
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