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Looking for job oppertunity in New Zealand

Ton Plomp

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Hello All,


my wife and I are seriously considering moving to New Zealand (Southland more specifically).


So if you know of a LabVIEW (related) job, or one in a technical environment in the Invercargill/Gore/Dunedin region please let me know.


My educational background is a bachelor in Applied Phisics at the Rijswijk Insitute of technology.

I am fluently in English, Dutch and a mediocre understanding of German and French.


LabVIEW related you can see examples of my work on the LAVA code repository (for instance: Variant Probe, Boolean XControl or an SHA toolkit) or on Bitbucket (JSON-web API interfacing, PHP programming).


I have experience with the following LabVIEW extensions:

  • VIPM
  • JKI state machine toolkit
  • Endevo GOOP toolkit
  • ADDq g# toolkit
  • Desktop execution trace toolkit
And the following LabVIEW technologies:
  • Goop
  • Data storage
  • DAQmx
  • Serial
  • GPIB
  • Queues
  • User interfaces (event handling, pane resizing)
  • API design
  • Windows system 32
  • .Net webservices
  • Data analysis
  • System deployment

My work the last few years has included the following subjects:

  • Data analysis
  • System identification
  • Electrical engineering
  • System maintenance
  • Computer/network design & maintenance
  • User satisfaction
  • Version control (Mercurial, Visual Sourcesafe, Subversion)
  • Issue tracking (Mantis)
  • Server maintenance (linux, windows)
  • Knowledge base maintenance

My personal interests are software development and development tools, open source, computer technology, science fiction, volleyball).


I am looking for a full time job, but starting parttime is an option as well.


If you have something or a good redirect for me I would be gratefull.




Ton Plomp

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