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After a decade of working mostly with LabVIEW, it looks like I'll be getting back into C++ (Linux environment, mostly).  I've done some C++ before, but I've never been good at it... does anyone have favorite resources, classes, or project lists that a lost LabVIEW programmer can use to come up to speed in C++?




Joe Z.

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If you are anywhere close to Austin, TX, there is a UT professor that offers a 1-day-per-week-for-three-weeks course that is spectacular. We sent the entire LV team through when we did the cross-over from C to C++ about a decade ago, and we still send new hires through from time to time if they come from a predominantly Java or C# background. Dr. Glenn Downing.

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Thanks AQ.  I'm stuck in Colorado, I'm afraid.  It's a good idea, though.  I'll check to see if any local university has a similar program.


My normal process is to skim through a lot of books and find the ones that make sense to my particular mindset.  Starting with Accelerated C++ (http://www.amazon.com/dp/020170353X) and picking a random project to work on.



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      I have received a LabVIEW dll and the corresponding header files so that I can send a trigger to a skin stimulation device.

      when I use the loadlibrary command in my Matlab script, I receive these two errors:  "We don't know the Compiler" and "We don't know the ProcessorType architecture"
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              #define Compiler        kVisualC
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      in particular a message error with "error 42" appears. Can you suggest me some check to fix it ?
      thank you very much for your collaboration
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