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Will the new TBS1000 series O'scopes work with Labview?

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Tektronix has a new series of inexpensive O'scopes, starting with the TBS1022 at only $520.


Anyone got one yet? Can't find drivers on the NI or TEK web sites and TEK dos not mention Labview in its literature.


Will it work with the TDS1000 drivers? or can I just make my own using SCPI commands?


I would like to order one today because I am on vacation the rest of the week, I would like use it on a simple ATE to read the freq. and duty cycle of a waveform coming from a UUT. .


It has a USB port and should work, but the low price has me concerned that it has been crippled in someway.



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Well I got the TBS scope the quality of the knobs and screen appears a bit lower then the low end TDS scopes but it works well and has most of the features of Tek's more expensive scopes.


Using LV2012 and the TDS1000 plug & play drivers it worked just fine with only few minor issues, In my application I was getting intermittent unexpected string errors when doing immediate reads, but I ended up switching to reading wave forms anyway and doing the required measurements in labview, and that working just fine.


I don't understand why Tek would release a new line of scopes and not have LabView drivers ready?, But if you need an inexpensive scope, the TBS is worth looking at.

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