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  1. Hi Friends, I recently moved to new company where i am finding that they are not using LabVIEW but Test stand. I never had a chance even to discuss about about NI-Teststand so far. so time to move on to Test stand now. I have few questions to discuss here.. 1. Is Test stand is completely new programming language than LabVIEW? 2. How to convert Test stand program to LabVIEW and LabVIEW to test stand back? Regards, Jaikanth
  2. Grey


    Hi Hoovahh, good introduction.. i will attend the arduino workshop on 21 and 22nd sep. I believe i will get more info on this subject. thanks.
  3. Grey


    i have been seeing many discussions about "Arduino" and i have no knowledge about it. i am planing to go for a workshop soon. before the workshop i want to have little knowledge in this regard. Tried to search in labview forums that took me " NI LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit".page. I checked arduino's official website , still i need some understanding for effective usage.. what are the applications area where i can implement Arduino with Labview? please advise. thanks. note : i am reading "https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/labview-interface-for-arduino" link now. is Arduino is having different standard hardware worldwide? pls help.
  4. Oh Yes .. i found the way to solve. i right clicked on the "conflict" vi and selected "resolve conflict" and choose the right path for that vi. now everything alright.
  5. i am seeing as "conflict" in one of the sub vi in the project file. i do not understand why it showing like this? please help .
  6. i am seeing as "conflict" in one of the sub vi in the project file. i do not understand why it showing like this? please help .
  7. Grey


    thank you todd !
  8. Grey


    In my production pc i have one ethernet port in which i have connected to DAQ modules. i want to connect my pc to server too for saving my log files. Any hardware i need to install to have two ethernet ports (one for daq and another for lan)?
  9. Hi i want to launch the LabVIEW program automatically whenever windows starts.(windows xp or 7) The program must be running at background so the computer operator shouldn't recognize that it is running. if windows task manager not detects that is very good but not mandatory. thanks.
  10. Hi All, Currently Test logs are saving at local hard disc which i want to move to server location. (cut and paste) for some reasons i prefer server location instead of ftp. for example:- From (the source path) D:FunctionalTestTest Systemslog to (the target path where i want to move log files) Server1FunctionalTestlog any way can i incorporate the server's username and password into the LabVIEW code, so that the program can access the server for moving the files? The test operator login credentials are not having privilege to access the server where as the program need to do access for storing the files. thanks.
  11. As possible as the comments neatly written and "smaller" than coding diagrams.it's OK for me
  12. I have a project where main VI is not protected. The main VI consists of several sub vi. Many vi are placed one in to other. I have to make sure all vis are unprotected. how can i know all vis are un protected? any shortcut method available instead of opening all vis block diagram one by one ?? thanks.
  13. Hi Tim, Thanks for your valuable input!
  14. No, i'm not measuring the constatnt voltage. the nature of the signal is DC Pulses approx 4 pulses in a second. though the scope is showing the waveform as expected i want to cross verify the peak voltage through DMM. The DMM i have is Agilent 34401A. i did an experiment like below :- taken two different manufacturers of 100:1 probes. Probe 1 (100:1) (Manufacturer unknown) connected to oscilloscope : result as expected. connected to DMM : Peak voltage detected to approx 30 V DC Probe 2 (100:1) (PMK PHV 1000) connected to oscilloscope : result as expected. connected to DMM : Peak voltage detected to approx 6.1 V DC I Intended to use PCIE6320 as my DAQ. Before connecting the signal to DAQ i want to verify the signal is in accpeted range. thanks.
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