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Those of you who were fortunate to attend this past NIWeek in August 2004 might remember a sneak peak at the new version of LabVIEW 8. Various functionality was demonstrated at a keynote.


As you can see, the development environment has been totally revamped. It looks a lot like some other text based language development environment (we won't mention names). LabVIEW 7 Express was targeted towards the newbie developer. LabVIEW 8 is targeted more to the experienced developer and the person working on larger projects. Some nice features include the ability to define various hardware environments so you can simulate attached hardware :thumbup:.

As with all previous releases of LabVIEW, NI will initiate (or has initiated) a beta program for the next release. You can line up and hope to be accepted in this beta program here:

LabVIEW Beta Program

If you really want to influence how things work in future releases of LabVIEW then I suggest you try to get on the beta program.

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Any idea if horizontal scrolling support was added? (i.e. tilt wheel, and *not* "go find the scroll bar, hover over it, and use the regular scroll wheel) I don't have it in my notes from the "Core LabVIEW Strategies" session, but I may have missed it being rattled off.

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