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ATM Sample CLD Exam written with Actor Framework

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I may try the CLD test in a couple of weeks. Here's the ATM exam written in LV12 with AF package version

This took me about 4.5 hours (though I had to pause overnight at 2.5 hours). I didn't do any planning at all: code-and-go all the way.


The UI is the only actor. I really wanted to make the file I/O an actor of its own, as well as a countdown timer (so their FPs could be shown during DEBUG==True), but I'm not THAT fast. Overall, I'm happy with it, for the time spent. Comments are welcome.


my ATM AF Solution.zip

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Interesting to see you implemented the actor framwork to this example. Looks great, i have a very quick try and go through the code. Only found 1 issue:


-Error handling for the user input, when deposit if user input a text instead of number, an error 85 is generated. The problem is that you wired theerror to the input of the "Error cluster from Error Code" vi in the UI.lvclass:Enter Pressed.vi within the Deposit Amount case, so this vi can not execute as you wanted.

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Oh, right! In "UI.Enter Pressed.vi". Nice.


A boiler exam attempt is here:



I've been working on "real-world" code to see if some of the pros, here, might review it - but as soon as I get each piece close to ready-for-public-eyes, I become comfortable enough with it to switch to customer-specific instances.

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