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Gaussian distribuition

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I have a set of measure (gauge measure) and i would like to perform a graph wich display a Gaussian error distribuition.... :headbang:


I am not entirely sure if I understand your question, but I think you are looking for the histogram VI.


If you feed you measurement points into the histrogram VI it will sort the points into bins of equal size (based on the number of intervals you specified), therby giving you a plot of the distribution of your measurement points. You can then visually confirm gaussian distribution or you can use one of the curve fitting VIs to fit the histrogram to the gaussian distribution function.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks you for help me...

I use the general histogram vi, in effect my problem is little size of element array....I have 10 measure and is hardly to design the gaussian histogram.

I've trie to create an error random based on a precision of instriuments, this is for me a probabilistic gaussian distribuition....

I attached my vi, how is possible to define a gaussian for 10 measure ?? :oops:


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I wonder if you have access to "Gaussian White Noise.vi".


No i don't use the "gaussian with noise" the vi simply add an error source at a measure, to perform an array, the array of possible error are added and is the input of Histogram.vi

This method is not based ofd the real measure but is a random measurement probabile...


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Thanks, todd. My goal is that one to create one distribution of the possible errors, and to represent them on one Gaussian curve. My thought after to me read a little-bit of theory of the errors is that one to add several the types of error that the measure can i have. Therefore established the error ranges, I have simply created one array of accidental numbers around of the several ranges of error. I am still working , to us why I have inasmuch as the limits were not in vi's but in the my acquaintance on the theory of the errors... I wait for councils, thanks all.

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