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  1. Thank's , it's clear. I will work on parallel and serial on Labview/linux application, but i'm very far away, to the goal. I hope to find example, but now it not arrive. I will to study how linux work. Thank's all for suggestions. Nic
  2. Thank for all, On conclusion i will try to find a sourc code on C wich access the port, i compile on linux and i join this with a cin node? Is correct thats? Thank you for all reply. Nic
  3. Hi, guy I'm try to installa a labview 8 on linux Suse 10.0 I'm new of Linux, i would like evaluate the difference of windows or linux version. The first problem is: The port in e out vi for access I/O port, exists on linux? Is the problem the not work with a dll's? I want work with the serial e lpt port on labview & linux direct to access in the memory location or pin control. How is possible? Thank's for answer, Nic
  4. First of read you must write a query command, for example read? or fetch? or data?; in sequence is first init.vi, after write with a string command query, the bytes at serial port and the read.vi, you can insert the write-bytescount-read in a while loop, and remember in the out of loop close with close visa.vi I hope this useful for you. sorry for bad english.
  5. Thanks i will wait NI, for improving graphics capabilities... Nicola
  6. Thank's BArrie. No, I'm not change the colour depth. Yes, nice, i need to change the zooma factor to adapt the picture in the box. I attach the VI. The problem not support a gif file and the resize picture don't work fine. Thank's in advantage. Download File:post-395-1122460638.llb Download File:post-395-1122460665.llb
  7. Thank's BArrie. No, I'm not change the colour depth. Yes, nice, i need to change the zooma factor to adapt the picture in the box. I attach the VI. The problem not support a gif file and the resize picture don't work fine. Thank's in advantage.
  8. Hi, guys I'd like to have on a panel a picture box , wich support a bmp, gif and jpg file. I'd like to have similar to picturebox on office programs. With the native picturecontrol on labview, i have problem when i adapt the picture on the area box. The picture loses quality. Thank's for help me.
  9. Choose another install directory fore example LabVIEW7_1.
  10. :thumbup: Well, in this days i've try to perform a database system, but the appplication don't work like plug in. I return in the loader system and slave vi's for the driver.... In effect i can use a vi panel to edit the ini file. But i have another question, when i build the executable i attach the dinamics vi in my application, the vi's wich have a dll or other parts joined don't work in the target PC's. I think to lock all subvi's and dll joined, to group in .llb, but how i call the top level vi from a llb? Can you give me a suggestion for this? Very thanks for your feedback :worshi
  11. Hi, i'm working in a framework for instruments control. You use the loader with vi server for calling the driver of instruments. I use this in advance but when i build the executable, the complex vi called by the loader, don't load correct (more errors appeare)... The secon way now i build a database from setting-storage results. The driver vi read a propery value from database, for example: Rs232 take from database value of baud rade,the communication port ecc. I think it's a hard to create but if the work is good is easy to plug a new instruments on the future (or edit an existent driv
  12. Thanks, todd. My goal is that one to create one distribution of the possible errors, and to represent them on one Gaussian curve. My thought after to me read a little-bit of theory of the errors is that one to add several the types of error that the measure can i have. Therefore established the error ranges, I have simply created one array of accidental numbers around of the several ranges of error. I am still working , to us why I have inasmuch as the limits were not in vi's but in the my acquaintance on the theory of the errors... I wait for councils, thanks all.
  13. No i don't use the "gaussian with noise" the vi simply add an error source at a measure, to perform an array, the array of possible error are added and is the input of Histogram.vi This method is not based ofd the real measure but is a random measurement probabile...
  14. Thanks you for help me... I use the general histogram vi, in effect my problem is little size of element array....I have 10 measure and is hardly to design the gaussian histogram. I've trie to create an error random based on a precision of instriuments, this is for me a probabilistic gaussian distribuition.... I attached my vi, how is possible to define a gaussian for 10 measure ??
  15. Hi, I have a set of measure (gauge measure) and i would like to perform a graph wich display a Gaussian error distribuition.... :headbang: How i can to do this? Thank's Nicola
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