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Time consumed in VI doesn't seem to match Profile data

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I ran the Profile Performance and Memory on my VI and the reported average amount of time consumed in the subVIs in a loop doesn't match what I get by subtracting the tick times at the start and end of the loop. They disagree by at least 20ms. I'm trying to find where the extra time is consumed in the loop, but I'm not sure where to look because the profile isn't pointing out any major time hogs. I'd appreciate any thougts about what I could be missing.



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While it doesn't answer your question...


I recommend not using the profiler.  It's measuring something like processor time, rather than wall-clock time.  The profiler doesn't account for long disk accesses, slow serial connections, memory teardown time, etc, etc.  This ends up very misleading.


Depending on what you're trying to measure, instrumenting your code is usually a more accurate, if somewhat tedious, way of doing things.

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