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FIRST Robotics: How do I get involved?


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Anyone out there (especially in the San Francisco Area) involved in FIRST and  can give me an idea where I can find a team to volunteer for (or start one up with my kids' school?)?


Their website is a mess, none of the email links are working, and the search for teams feature appears to be broken.  The NI community page for first doesn't seem to have any info either.

Thank you!



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Hi Jed - I'm also in San Francisco and had the same question when I moved three years ago. There's a rarely-used Google group, NorCalFirst-Mentors, which you might want to join if you haven't already. Try posting there, it might get you replies from teams looking for help. If you don't get any responses, try again when the school year starts. Also see the Western Region Robotics Forum. They organize CalGames, an October repeat of the previous season's FIRST game, to get teams ready for the upcoming season. After posting to the NorCalFirst-Mentors list, Cecilia "Ceal" from WRRF suggested that I attend CalGames and look for her there; she introduced me to a team that needed help. Finally, the team I've been working with, in San Mateo, might welcome more help. I'm not sure what their situation will be this season, but it's been mostly one teacher and me for the past two years.

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