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    • By prime8
      We found this bug when updating from 2010 to 2012 last week. Certain types of clusters will not update over datasocket or network-published shared variable. You will only get their default data. Here are the conditions that will cause the problem:
      The cluster contains an array of clusters The array of clusters is not the last item in the cluster The array of clusters is empty

      All three conditions must be fulfilled in order for the bug to appear. An AE was able to reproduce it and it has CAR #385089.
    • By mike5
      Hi all,
      I'm starting using the DSC module, and since it has it's own shared variable data type, I'm forced to use DataSockets for reading and writing data.
      So, the DataSocket Read function has a "connection in" interface. This can take (among other things) connection reference from DataSocket Open function, or a DSC Shared Variable wire.
      If I use the latter, is the connection closed implicitly, or what? And if this implies Open/Read/Close how much overhead do Open and Close this bring?
      Thanks for any insight.
      Br, Mike
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