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Google maps <-> LabView via websockets


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 Following my previous attempt with Google maps, Here is a websocket based link between LV and Google maps.


Websocket class by S.Marlow http://evexiallc.com/index.php

JSON API by drjdpowell


Javascripts and demo application are based on the Webpanel demo application.



1. Obtain a Google maps API key. 

2. Edit the WP_Googlemaps.html and add the key to the relevant script tag.

3. Start the demo vi (google maps demo.vi)

4. Open the WP_Googlemaps.html with a modern browser.


I have tested it with Chrome and Safari on iPhone 4.


You might have to point to the correct path of some VIs, they are included in the vi directory.


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  • 1 year later...

Hey! I am trying to use your web socket example. When I run the program, it doesn't show any map. I have never used web-sockets before so may be I am doing something wrong. I need to be able to show flight of a weather balloon on google maps. I am getting getting GPS coordinates from serial port.

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  • 6 months later...

Hi, great program - exactly what i was looking for to get full google maps functionality in Labview.

I'm trying to use this to track an autonomous vehicle using co-ordinates from its GPS sensor. I've tried reusing the case structure to have the vehicle's co-ordinates center the map, and have a polyline of its path from beginnning of movement, but I've had no success so far.

Do you think the best way to do this would be a pair of while loops for 1) Updating center co-ordinates, and

                                                                                                                 2) Sending co-ordinates every 2s to create a continually updating polyline


to replace the case structure? ideally i want to keep some of the case structures manual inputs.

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