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  1. No, I have manually created a template build specification which includes the folders that I want, then I copy it.
  2. I have uploaded a new version. The test VI now creates a chart with random data. LibreOffice 6 is way faster than 5, it feels as fast as the Excel .NET API.
  3. After playing a bit with LabVIEW, and remembering to cast a value, and not its class, I managed to get to your level. I will post an update in an hour or so.
  4. I understand the API even less, as I have never programmed in Java. I played with it for a bit, but could not get it to create a chart document. Since this is not a high performance library, what ever gets the results is good. 😀
  5. Instead of a spreadsheet document (unoidl.com.sun.star.sheet.XSpreadsheetDocument) you have to create a chart (unoidl.com.sun.star.chart.XChartDocument). See Libre Office example
  6. It is a matter of finding the right API calls in the LibreOffice API and using them. For charts, I think the easiest method would be to add a chart sheet and playing with its parameters.
  7. I am going to wait till there is one product (2020? 2021?). Right now, I am on 2015sp1, and have no real incentive to upgrade.
  8. Gribo

    creating .json file

    In your diagram, probe #2 is your object. You need to convert it to your specific cluster. The text you are showing is JSON format, what else do you want? .JSON files are text files. The JSON Library I used is Labview JSON
  9. Here is something for the idea exchange - the missing icon indicator should be visually different from the missing VI indicator.
  10. Gribo

    OpenG ini file issues

    I use JSON almost exclusively. A verbosely formatted JSON file is more readable than an INI file. Also, With JDPowell's JSON library, saving and loading any LV type is a breeze.
  11. Gribo

    .net decompression GZip or deflate

    The inputs and outputs are streams. You can convert them to strings.
  12. Mouse icon? Do you mean the cursor? That is, the object that moves around when you move your mouse? If so, there is a cursor VI that can set it.
  13. Gribo

    DHCP server

    Why are you communicating with the DHCP server when you want to communicate with the UUT?
  14. Gribo

    Doing this again,

    I don't have access to Labview at home, sorry.

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