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  1. How much flexibility do you want in your code? The simplest would be a single loop with a sequence. Each iteration of the loop is 100mSec The 2nd simplest approach is a state machine, with a relevant timing node in each state. The analog sampling can happen in parallel to the triggering loop.
  2. Got DMMs, SA, Scopes, reels of SMT components, wires. One of the perks of working for a CM.
  3. As far as I know, there is no guarantee that the array is allocated in a single block.
  4. I didn't use it at all, even though most of my lab instruments are from Keysight.
  5. You will have to setup the triggering, similar to the snippet below. I don't have those DAQs, so I can't test it. Edit: You might have to do SW trigger, Each DAQ will have its own trigger source (PFI0), and the software will generate a transition on both lines.
  6. Welcome aboard, this is the right attitude.
  7. OpenCV has very good support for various camera standards.
  8. Try configuring the DMM to use a single range. If there is an auto range function active, it might explain the waveform. Can you post the circuit?
  9. It doesn't exist in LV2015.
  10. Of course someone can. General questions get general answers. Can you provide more details? NI has the LabVIEW core 1 course available.
  11. I'll give it a shot later today. Might require Wireshark.
  12. You can reverse engineer the protocol with NI-trace. It is quite trivial.
  13. You know that these glyphs are in the C:\users\<username>\Labview Data\Glyphs folder as .png files, right?
  14. Take into account that MXI has its own set of limitations. You cannot hot-plug an MXI connection reliably, It is a single source (NI only, AFAIK).
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