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  1. Is PCIe a requirement? FTDI (assuming you get them from reliable sources) produce very reliable USB to RS232 cables. They also have TTL and LVTTL versions.
  2. Welcome to SaaS, where what used to be included by default is now subscription based. Make sure your NI rep knows.
  3. What have you done so far? Can you get the data from your service provider (Google, Bloomberg etc.)?
  4. LAN - Did you set up the R&S IP address? Do you get Ping replies? USB - Did you install the USB drivers from R&S? does the device appear in Windows device manager? What is the model of the SA?
  5. Be sure to add a race condition or two..
  6. Here is the link: USB Acquisitions Model – JaSSC Inc (jassc-inc.com) You will have to contact the company for support and drivers.
  7. Gribo


    When writing arrays directly to Excel, there is a time limit for Excel to write the array to the selected range. If that limit is exceeded, you will get an error. The .NET API provides a more detailed error than the ActiveX API.
  8. It's better than a new icon..
  9. This is the closest thing to a pinout I could find for the PXIe-2525. You will have to check connectivity between the 160 pin connector and the 50 position terminals. NI MAX 2020 doesn't list this board. GUID-04647FDC-4447-45DA-9BB2-4E10EA993437-a5.svg
  10. You will have to convert the OpenCV MAT to LV picture. The MAT object has a ToBitmap method, which can generate a LV compatible bitmap. I attached a VI that uses the EmguCV .NET wrapper.
  11. The next question is what removes measurements from this array? Except the INIT command, there is nothing that reduces its size. Over time, with new measurement names, it will always increase in size.
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