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Error 1055 OA_Get Max Axis Dispaly Value.vi -> OUT Orbit Plot (Unfiltered).vi


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Hello to Everyone,

I am trying to use OA Orbit.vi, but i having trouble, this error message is displayed: Error 1055 OA OA_Get Max Axis Dispaly Value.vi -> OA Orbit Plot (Unfiltered).vi. Is there any solution?
LabVIEW 8.5 is used.

The way how is connected, followed a LabVIEW Order Analyses Toolkit User Manual:

- signal from tachometer is input to OAT Analog Tacho Procces.vi, output Speed Profile is input for Oat Orbit Plot,OAT Convert to Even Angle Signal.vi

- signal from two proxymity probes is scaled to EU units with SVL Scale Voltage EU.vi

- scaled signal is input to OAT Convert to Even Angle Signal.vi to get Even Angle Signal

- Even Angle Signals (from two sensors) is input to Oat Orbit Plot.vi

- output Even Angle Position Info from OAT Convert to Even Angle Signal.vi is connect with Oat Orbit Plot.vi

Can someone recommend some books abaute postprocessing, order analyses, displaying orbit from signals that are output from two proximity probes?

I am new with this and i dont know how to start, what is the process.
What are the process i have to know to manipulete the signal from proximity probes?
For example signal sychronisation from proxymity probe with signal from tacho, resampling...
Waht is the optional length of signal to display, and how to get Smax, Sppmax?
How to get orbit just for 1. harmonic and for filtered signal?


Best rigards,

Nandor Spacek

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