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MODBUS TCP using NI Modbus 1.2.1 Library

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I have a question about the slave ethernet demon.   What timing can be adjusted?  Ie, I am having a problem with the connection between my NI Modbus simulator and another controller that is runnning a modbus client interface.  I can exchange data, but am having problems with the connection being closed over and over again (from the client side - it doesn't seem to be happy with the response time from the Slave).  This causes the Timeout on the slave demon (5 seconds) to kick in and my updates are taking almost 5 seconds. I get the connection to allow for the exchange of data by making the timing of my client(master) have an update rate of 5 seconds.  This obviously is not a good thing, and although I am exchanging data, I have to wait a very long time. If i try to lower my client to something reasonable (100 ms is ideal), the client continues to close the connection thinking it is not happy with the response from the slave (ser er).  Is there something special I am missing in the TCP layer of the protocol?   Should I be setting something else or sending something else from the Labview Modbus TCP once I have a connection?



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