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Error 53 "Manager Call Not Supported" for write PNG file VI on RT


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I'm getting the "Manager Call Not Supported" when attempting to save a PNG file on an NI Phar Lap ETS target.  It's nice that the RTOS supports the "Get Image" method for control references, but being unable to save a PNG image makes that method pretty useless.  The "write BMP file" VI works just fine, but who wants to generate HTML with BMP images?  Is there a solution to the PNG vi, or has someone written an alternative?  Thanks.

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    • By smarlow
      Hello:  I am wondering if anyone has developed a VI to convert image data from the "Get Image" method to a PNG format string.  I do not need compression or filtering and will only store RGB (24-bit), or paletted 8-bit (optionally, but not required).  The trouble I am having is that the "write PNG file" and "LV Image to PNG" VI's are not supported in real-time.  The BMP file writer works, but is not really a web format.  I suppose I could write one, but I am under the gun on a project, and don't want to reinvent the wheel.  Thanks.
    • By sword
      hi everyone here!
      recently i have come to a odd problem with lvrt(ets) and have no idea about how it goes. 
      My project uses 10 or more dlls which were wrote by third party and had been put into the RT's C:ni-rtstartupdata  folder, and this path had been added to the system find path list. Each of the dlls may have several VI calls(each for different functions in the dll) in the project. And when i try to deploy the whole project, my RT hung with one of it's cpu went to 100% loads.
      And the odd thing is, when i try to disable one of the dll (means to disable all the vis that call the dll through the "call library function node"), the deploy goes with no error and my application can run as expected except the disabled parts! During the past one week's struggling with this deploy problem, once i can come to a particular configuration (by removing some no use modules in the RT or changing the dll call's  from "run in UI thread" to "run in any thread"), and under this situation ,i can deploy my project to rt, but when i run, a exception string appears on the RT's screen, which says "flushing disk cache" and something like "system error".
      Here i have two questions:
      1,   does the ets os system have a max number of user defined dlls that can exist in memory at the same time?
      2,   does anyone come to the "flushing disk cache" error before in the ets system? can you share some experience with me?
      any suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated.     i am looking forward to your share, many thanks in advance!
    • By vivante
      Hi guys,
      I have to manage PNG images that don't come from a file, but from a TCP/IP connection. usually I use PNG data to LabVIEW image.vi to convert them into an image data cluster, but this time PNG images are different, I think. These images can be opened with all software without issues, anyway in LabVIEW PNG data to LabVIEW image.vi returns error code 1097. Unfortunately, saving received strings into temporary files is not possible in my app, so I need to convert them on the fly. have you ever seen this error?

      attached you find a sample code and an image sample.
      image conversion.zip
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