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Save arrays to file in columns

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Hi to all.

I got the problem, that I need to create a file with the arrays took received from an instrument.

As the file for receiving the data from the instrument is quite big, I created a trial-vi to implement the write to file function lateron.

I attach a screenshot of the result and the vi.

My problem is that the data should be written to the file in format of a table.

for e.g.

[file name]



-24,300000 0,000000

-24,300000 0,000000

-24,300000 0,000000

-24,300000 0,000000

-24,300000 0,000000





and not in that way as it is indicated in the screenshot-jpg-file.

The problem seems to me to convert each of the two arrays into a column.

Actually I am quite a Newbie in LabView but I already used the help and the search function without success :(

I appreciate any help

Thanks in advance.



Download File:post-1500-1107865029.vi

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