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Get datatype primary color

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I'm looking for a way to get the color of a datatype wire, i.e. as it would appear in the connector pane for an associated front panel control.


A little more detail: Take a standard VI with a handful of controls and indicators wired to the connector pane. Each datatype's core wire color is shown in the associated connector pane terminal box. Can you programmatically retrieve this color for any datatype?


What I've tried:

I've looked for a "datatype" property node in the hope of extracting further information, but not sure that's helpful.

I've played around with the Class Identifier for a control reference, but not sure what use that really is?

I've looked for a way to grab an image of the connector pane's terminals to grab the color from the filled rectangles. I can only seem to get the VI icon with the connection text as seen in context help.


Any ideas?

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Use the default value property (assuming you have a control reference) as input to the Application Method aptly named "Data Type Color".


This is where the class browser Ctrl-Shift-B comes in very handy.


Also works in conjunction with wires and control terminals.

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I used that method when writing this VI, which programmatically generates an image of a VI's connector pane terminals.




I wrote a VI like that a while ago too! Only instead of a VI's terminals, it draws an Xnode's terminals, from the cluster returned by its GetTerms4 ability VI. And yes, it also uses that method.

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