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    • By Alberto Bottillo
      Hi everybody,
      I'm a PhD student of Naples and I'm working in a complex project that involves Labview code (that I know very very basically..).
      I'll start to ask you help for a little problem
      I had imported a STL file (3D file) in Labview (below there is a screen shot) and I manage to get the coordinates x,y,z of  the point of the STL file that  I select with the mouse click.
      Now I would need to create a marker ( or a little sphere or a red point ) on the STL file where I clicked and, if I click on an other point I would need that the marker created before was deleted and that a new marker be created on the new point I clicked, I mean that on the 3D object must be always only one marker. (I'm sorry for my English, please tell me if there is something not clear).
      I would specifie somethings:
      the Z coordinate is not important to create the marker/point/sphere because it gona be create on the surface of the 3D object I've imported at the start of the VI (STL file). I must be able to continue to move the 3D object in the scene and create the marker/sphere/point only when I click on the object surface I need to storage the X,Y marker coordinate on 3d onbject must be only one marker at the time  

    • By gbettega
      the Express VI "Sensor mapping" puts a 3D text object into the scene:
      the text position follows the mouse position, like a pointer.
      The text is never hidden by the solid, irrespective of the its orientation
      (see attached picture).
      This is not trivial: using the "pick point" method I tried to do the same thing in one of my Vis:
      a (actually) slighlty shifted text is inserted into the scene: when the mouse moves
      the text changes its position. However, and this is expected, when the orientation
      of the solid is changed the text is hidden: see the other figure.
      How to obtain the "sensor mapping" effect (without using transparency)?
      Thanks in advance

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