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  1. Hello Shoneill, bilboarding is used only to make the text face the camera. The solution is highlighted in the attached picture. The point in the window coordinate is projected onto the near plane, obtaining a point P(x_P,y_P,z_P), then the 3D text is translated in that position. Giovanni
  2. Hi, Actually it is not a question of transparency. My objects must be all opaque. Just solved: (a not optimized) Vi attached Giovanni text cursor.vi
  3. Hi, the Express VI "Sensor mapping" puts a 3D text object into the scene: the text position follows the mouse position, like a pointer. The text is never hidden by the solid, irrespective of the its orientation (see attached picture). This is not trivial: using the "pick point" method I tried to do the same thing in one of my Vis: a (actually) slighlty shifted text is inserted into the scene: when the mouse moves the text changes its position. However, and this is expected, when the orientation of the solid is changed the text is hidden: see the other figure. How to obtain the "sensor mapping" effect (without using transparency)? Thanks in advance Giovanni
  4. Hi, not found the solution for this. Several attemps in setting up different blending modes and bin combinations, but my text disappears behind the solid :-( What is the solution? :-( Giovanni
  5. Thank you for the support, actually I was able in the past to obtain, using try and error (no other way seems to be possible when dealing with 3D picture) to obtain the desired effect. I lost my example ... and now I'm lost :-) I'll try to remember, or I will replace the text object with a string indicator somewhere in the panel Giovanni
  6. Hello, searching for a little help about the following topic: I've built a minimalist GUI using 3D picture control: when the mouse enters the control and moves, a text is added close to the mouse position, indicating the coordinates of the point. Problem: according to the relative position of the text object and of the solid, the text disappears behind the solid, as shown in the pictures. How to avoid it? Thanks in advance Giovanni
  7. Hi, I've loaded a 3D geometry into a 3D picture control. I would like to calculate the dimension of the bounding box of the model, in order to set up properly the camera position and other for my own 3D controller. Any idea about that? Thanks
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