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vi path for asynchronuos call in labview 2013 executable

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sorry, but I am confused on calling a vi asynchronously in a labview executable.

I have the following diagramm (see attached image). code is working fine in the development environment



The Vi is included in my labview project.

The application builds withou an error.


But if I run the executable I always get error 1003 an Open VI Reference: the vi is not executable


I really made sure the vi has no errors.

Where is my mistake?


Thanks for any help,




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Do either of these help? (I have no clue why there are two, they're basically the same ;) )




The real question I have to ask is if you need the call to be dynamic, or just asynchronous? If it does not need to be dynamic, just use a static VI reference. This will ensure app builder finds, includes, and loads the appropriate code into the exe. This is what many of the labview examples do, so take a look in the example finder (specifically the section on controlling applications programmatically, which is code for "VI server").


If it absolutely needs to be dynamic, then you're better off following the KB steps to set the VI in question (St1-TCP.....) as always included, specify a specific folder relative to the exe (for example ../dynamic dependencies), and use a relative path rather than the fixed path you have there.

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