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.net interop assemblies oddities

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1st oddity: The documentation specify the following:


"Clusters and enumerations defined as type definitions or strict type definitions—LabVIEW uses the label of the type definition or strict type definition as the name of the .NET structure"


In reality I find that to be incorrect. Instead it used the typedef instance name. Am I missing something?

Note: I know I can rename it, but there are very good reason while I would love to have it worked as described in the documentation




2nd oddity: When a typdef is part of a class it does not show as such when call from a .net app.


For instance if I have the following in my LabVIEW project:

  • A class is called shape
  • A method in the class is called getBound
  • A cluster typedef in the class is called Bound
  • An interop build spec where the assembly namespace is LVInterop

Then when I call the resulting dll from c# I see:

  • LVInterop.shape.getBound (yeah, getBound method is part of the shape class [as expected])

but I also see:

  • LVInterop.Bound for the Bound typedef (?? how come the bound type is not part of the class ?? [i would expect LVInterop.shape.Bound])

Any feedback on these two oddities will be very welcome.

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