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    • By Axelwlt
      I excite a system with a sine wave at a fixed frequency and I have the signals of excitation and response.
      What is the best way to calculate the magnitude and phase of the system at this frequency? (Similarly to a frequency response estimation, but with only one chosen frequency).
    • By Crtomir
      I have created code to filter a signal and calculate its peaks. The code is doing perfectly good until..... the signal frequency gets lower (about 10 Hz).
      The problem is as shown in Peak detector VI. My code needs to execute under 100 ms. Because Peak detector VI takes to much time at low frequency, my program fails.
      My thinking: Peak detector does a quadratic fit on the points (maybe here hides the time problem ?). I already did FIR filtering, so quadratic fit is not needed?
      I have added the code for you all to test and use it if you want (try changing frequency at the top of graph and look at how calculation takes more time).
      Please comment on what i created and if there are some FASTER peak calculation alternatives... for us all to use.
      PS: you are looking at a test. This is not my program arhitecture (queued state machine)
      Thank you
      forum question peak finder.vi
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