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Use Chirp Z transform to refine spectrum


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     When using ChirpZ transform of LabVIEW(The example itself provides) to refining the spectrum, I found a strange thing. When the frequency is very big and the range is small together with a not small number of ChirpZ transform, Error happened(very bad spectrum and wrong frequency ChirpZ's result is)! Nothing is wrong with the examples(I've scripted other VIs to verify this), and this error didn't happend using MATLAB. So I believe that is a bug of LabVIEW!!!(Not Sure yet of course). I Need Help!
     Is there any error? Or is there a bug of LabVIEW's ChirpZ tansform?
     I've already uploaded the codes and screenshot.May you have a look.

Chirp Z Transform Configuration.vi

Multi Tone Signal Generation.vi

Spectrum using Chirp Z Transform.vi



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