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Cannot press button on front panel?

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Ok, I feel like I have missed something trivial, but I cannot figure out the cause.


I have a front panel in LV2014 where I have 4 copies of a custom cluster.  Inside the cluster is a Silver-type boolean button with indicator led called "Enable Cell"


There are also the Start and Exit buttons.


In Edit mode, I can press the "Enable Cell" buttons just fine.  But in Run mode, I can only press and toggle the Start and Exit buttons.  When I press the Enable cell button, nothing happens (light on the control should change colors, button should appear to "depress" etc).


My event structure captures all the events from the Start and Exit buttons, but does not "see" the Enable Cell events.


Any idea what is "blocking" the buttons from being pressed?

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Oh goodness, no need to feel like an idiot. You're not the first long time user to ask a question like that, and won't be the last.


You could have just replied that you were actually testing to see if any of us (here in the States) were awake yet this morning. :P 


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