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Test Engineer - LabVIEW/TestStand


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My company is seeking an engineer to replace me and I'd like to help .  The job listing is at http://www.utc.com/Careers/Job/Sr-Eng-Test-Reliab-Wilson-North-Carolina/2840BR.  The position is located in Wilson, NC.


This position is responsible for developing and supporting all of the production test functions for several commercial aviation products including smoke detectors and pressure transducers, most of which communicate using CAN.  You'll also:

  • be involved with the Design Engineering group to make sure that they don't build/specify anything horrible
  • inherit a lot of my applications (be kind!) and one larger one that we bought from an NI Alliance partner
  • train/support production personnel on the use of your equipment
  • ...

You'll encounter:

  • Access and SQLite databases (but I'll nag you about using SQL Server)
  • the JKI State Machine
  • a somewhat complex test system that uses LabVIEW and TestStand with a web app and a SQL Server database
  • ...

I'd be thrilled (but it's not required by the folks doing the hiring) if you:

  • are a regular contributer to the forums
  • are certified in LabVIEW and/or TestStand
  • use a version control system
  • can teach me how to use the Actor Framework

I love the job; you may love it, too.  PM me on LAVA if you'd like to discuss it further.  I'll help you get your information into the right hands.


Good luck.


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