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  1. On the other side: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Artesian-fountain-problem/m-p/4051815#M1162162
  2. I had experienced the same (similar) thing, but I just got a new computer and the issue appears to have gone away.
  3. There's an entire forum dedicated to this discussion here - https://forums.ni.com/t5/Certification/bd-p/Certification Good luck!
  4. I think it was in the early '90s that I took a Fortran class. People only a year ahead of me had used punch-cards; I'm glad I missed that boat.
  5. That brings me back to my time learning BASIC programming on my VIC-20 (in the early 80s).
  6. We use the JKI State Machine, but have begun adding DQMHs. My last project launches up to twelve of them; my current project launches one or two. Both depend upon the number of pieces being tested (and were written by my CLA-colleague). I wanted to use JKI SMOs, but was given DQMH (and am happy about that, too).
  7. Aren't customers just the worst? Well...
  8. There's an OpenG vi that does that - "Number to Proper English Text.vi". You can download here - http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/209027
  9. Remove any wires connecting them.
  10. I listened to both of them this morning. I enjoyed the content and format, and look forward to more episodes.
  11. jcarmody

    new podcast

    I found this while browsing Twitter - https://anchor.fm/quickdrop-podcast Anybody know who Jonathan Hobson is? Is he (are you) on the fora? Good luck! https://quickdroppodcast.wordpress.com
  12. Kidde Aerospace, part of United Technologies Aerospace Systems, has an opening for a really good LabVIEW/CVI engineer. You'll find all the information about it on the UTAS site. I'll put in a good word for you if you're well-known on these fora.
  13. I've had trouble on new installations where I've needed to install the Microsoft Database Engine to get my LabVIEW programs to work. This was only on PCs without MS Office, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  14. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/ADO-Error-0x00000001-Argument-error-The-table-name-given-is/m-p/3712255#M1044410 Answered.
  15. I remember the good old days where all I needed to do was get added to an admin group and I could do anything I wanted. The pendulum swung so far away from that extreme to the point where I had to launch a two-week workflow to get the simplest of things done. The pendulum is near a sane point now where I can do stuff (I'm installing NXG right now). Have you heard of Viewfinity? It makes the approval to install something take as long as your boss takes to respond to an email. Life is good again.
  16. http://web.archive.org/web/20070525153607/http://expressionflow.com/ The Wayback Machine has it.
  17. This is what solved the issue, I just missed the significance of what you & ShaunR said until after taking an NI Machine Vision course last month. I still need to overlay the processing parts, but the big nut has been cracked. Thank you.
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