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Labview project file binding to Perforce depot location

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Hi, folks.  I've successfully integrated my Labview code with my corporate Perforce source code control server.  I got some help from a PDF document posted on NI.com titled Using Perforce With Labview (2009).  However I have a question on whether I need to repeatedly point Labview SCC configuration to a different location every time I open a different Labview project file.  The PDF document says: 

You now have a Perforce workspace with revision #0 of each file checked in. The convention from here on out, is to add files to the LabVIEW project file. Each time you do this, LabVIEW will automatically prompt you to add the file to Source Code Control. Before you can do this, however, you still need to configure LabVIEW's Source Control. In the LabVIEW "Tools" menu, select Source Control -> Configure Source Control.

Select "Perforce SCM" for the Source Control Provider Name. Click the "Change" button next to Source Control Project to configure the project. Navigate to the LabVIEW .lvproj project file that you wish to bind to.

*NOTE* - you will need to change this for each unique customer or project that you are binding to. Since you can have multiple workspaces and multiple projects, you must make sure this is configured properly for the Perforce workspace that you are bound to.



Is the author saying that I need to click Change and then navigate to a different SCC depot location for each different Labview project file I work on?  And then does that project remember that depot location for next time it's opened, or is only one location remembered as the global Labview SCC configuration option?


Thanks.   -Joe Czapski

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If your multiple LabVIEW projects are all within the same Perforce workspace, then I don't think it matters which project you point it at (at least, that's been my experience). There is one global source control configuration, so if you are working across multiple workspaces or projects, you might need to reconfigure the source control system each time (although I've never been able to determine why it binds to a specific project).


Personally I prefer using the Perforce Command Line option. I've never found an advantage to the project-based configuration, and it used to be that doing a diff didn't work properly in the project-based configuration, although maybe that's been fixed.

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ned wrote:

If your multiple LabVIEW projects are all within the same Perforce workspace, then I don't think it matters which project you point it at (at least, that's been my experience)...



Thanks. I am keeping within the same workspace. The different .lvproj files are in different folders within the workspace.  I'll try as you say, leaving the global SCC configuration set to the original .lvproj I checked in, and I agree that it seems like it will work.  New projects have their distinct .lvproj file checked in, so there is at least some connection there.

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