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  1. Thanks hooovahh, I tried it in Labview 2018. Using the OpenG 'Array of Vdata to Vcluster_ogtk.vi' followed by the Variant To Data function works in my application, without using a malleable VI. Using the Database Variant To Data function alone can be wired successfully but generates a run-time error because my cluster includes some elements which are arrays. Thanks again for the hint. -Joe
  2. Hi hooovahh - I'm upgrading my operation from LV 2015 to LV 2018 and would like to redo your Array Of Variant To Cluster XNode as a malleable VI. Do you think that makes sense, and do you have any pointers that would improve my chances of success? :-) Thanks very much. -Joe
  3. Hey, guys, along the lines of this topic, I'm setting up to move my company forward in its Labview and Teststand versions. We're standardized on Labview 2015 SP1 f10 and Teststand 2016 f2, both 32-bit and both behaving well including running on Windows 10 64-bit. I'm thinking to move to Labview 2018 fn and Teststand 2017 fn. Should I do it now, and if so, should I try the 64-bit versions or is that still too risky? Also, although Teststand 2017 doesn't "officially" support Labview 2018 (http://www.ni.com/teststand/product_lifecycle/), it should work OK I'm guessing. Thanks. -Joe
  4. Hi wire-heads, Have any of you started using LabVIEW NXG for real projects? How finished and stable do you find it? Also, do you find that it can successfully co-exist with LabVIEW 2015-2017 on the same development machine? Thanks very much. -Joe
  5. Will be happily attending this BBQ with you guys! This will be my first NIWeek after almost making the trip every year. Joe
  6. This is quite a shock to my circannual rhythm. I've attended an NI event in a rented hall/ballroom in Mass. somewhere between Boston and Lowell, with NI hardware demos and Alliance vendor tables, every autumn for more than 20 years. I guess the world is going to change whether I like it or not. :-)
  7. Looking at the webpage http://www.ni.com/nidays/ it looks like it's coming everywhere except the US and Africa. I missed NIWeek so I wanted to attend this. Well, Toronto isn't too far from me. :-/
  8. It looks like, via some sort of twisted logic, the function is behaving as designed. See the KnowledgeBase article: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/BBB794BDCDE0B763862571D4007A0AA5 If the first element of the array is between the first elements of the lower and upper limit arrays, then the function returns True for 'In Range?', amazingly ignoring the remainder of the array.
  9. This looks like a bug to me. Or is it expected behavior using some kind of vector logic? :-) When you run the attached VI, both Boolean LEDs should output False, but one is False and the other is True. I'm running LV 2015 f2. Thanks. -Joe Bug demo of In Range And Coerce.vi
  10. Hey, Michael, I think that LAVA is great and I prefer it to the noise and style of the NI forums. Thanks for keeping it running. I appreciate the expertise, brightness, and time-generosity of the frequent posters here! I'm a very infrequent poster because my job takes all my time. I liked the Info-Labview email list, too, before I moved over to LAVA, but that list lingered way past its expiration, ha ha. I don't think LAVA is at that point, I think it's still great. 10 new topics per week rates as an active forum, and it looks like everyone gets replies to their questions. ShaunR hit the
  11. What is this secret feature? Sounds good just from the name. Thanks.
  12. To follow up on my original post: now that the Database Variant To Data function is included with Labview, I find that I can't go back to using it because it does not support cluster elements that are arrays. I've got used to hooovahh's Array Of Variant To Cluster XNode and have built code that processes clusters of arrays of clusters and so on.
  13. ned wrote: Thanks. I am keeping within the same workspace. The different .lvproj files are in different folders within the workspace. I'll try as you say, leaving the global SCC configuration set to the original .lvproj I checked in, and I agree that it seems like it will work. New projects have their distinct .lvproj file checked in, so there is at least some connection there.
  14. Hi, folks. I've successfully integrated my Labview code with my corporate Perforce source code control server. I got some help from a PDF document posted on NI.com titled Using Perforce With Labview (2009). However I have a question on whether I need to repeatedly point Labview SCC configuration to a different location every time I open a different Labview project file. The PDF document says: Is the author saying that I need to click Change and then navigate to a different SCC depot location for each different Labview project file I work on? And then does that project remember th
  15. Uh oh. Does anyone know what happened to ftp://ftp.ni.com/support/softlib ???
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