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[CR] VI Organizer

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VI Organizer.png

Name: VI Organizer

Submitter: awang_synovus

Submitted: 15 May 2015


LabVIEW Version: 2009
License Type: BSD (Most common)



VI Organizer is a LabVIEW toolkit that helps LabVIEW developers access and control their working VI more conveniently. While having basic functions like opening or closing VIs in memory, VI Organizer can also help the user do more advanced tasks like reopening VIs according a snapshot the user stored recently. VI Organizer provides an easy to use UI and small footprint on the screen.


Here is a summary of main functions in VI Organizer:

1. List all VIs in an application instance

2. Quickly search VI by name

3. Open/Close selected VIs' FP/BD

4. Run/Pause/Stop selected VIs

5. Run Modal over other modal windows (So the user is able to abort other running modal VIs)

6. Quickly locate top level VIs running in the background including clones.

7. Store the locations of a group of VIs and reopen them at the saved locations.

8. Configurable filtering engine for sorting the VIs.


Suggestions and bug reports are appreciated. We would like to provide a better programming environment for all LabVIEW developers.



Click here to download this file

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