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Select block diagram wires by name.


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About once a month, while editing someone else's spaghetti, I wish there was a way to trace I/Os all the way through a BD. I.E. all "VISA Session" inputs and "dup VISA Session" outputs that are strung together on a single BD. Or all Picture Ins and Picture Outs. Wildcards would be helpful as well as the ability to invert wire selection for deletion. Sometimes it's enough to select the VIs from Hierarchy view and copy-paste them into a new VI. This clears all wires but loses dataflow/screen position.

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It's not exactly what you want, but I wrote something

Probe Table

that might get you part of the way there, with modification of course. The Probe Table project was meant to be able to define and save/restore lists of probes, throughout a VI hierarchy and have the data returned to either a series of generic probe windows or a table. To do this it makes a list of wires in a VI it is pointed to and lists the sources. It is not hard to get the endpoints for a given VI and lookup what is at the ends.

Perhaps you'd care to take a look and add a little to the alpha code.

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