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TPC-2206 no connection / reset to factory default

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I have a problem in connecting a TPC-2006 with WES7 to LV.

The device is pingable but LV 2015 won't find the device.

Disabling both Firewalls and removing all NI-stuff und reinstalling the run-time didn't work.



A few months ago I developed applications with LV 2013 for the device and everything went fine.

After this the TPC lay around here for a few months.

Now I have to develop a new application for it and it won't work.


Is there any way to reset the device to factory default? Or to obtain the original Image?

I'm sorry to say but I was too stupid to backup the disk before developing...


Thanks in regard for any help.

As I have to develop the new stuff asap any help is welcome.





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      Hi all, 
      I have an error that doesn't affect the functionality of my program, so for the moment I'm just ignoring it, but anyway I would like to know what is its cause and how can I solve it, or if it's safe to ignore it.
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